The hype is real.

Rated 5 Stars

Still on the fence? Let the reviews speak for themselves. From our best-selling Lash Cleanser to our Premium Lash Supplies; the verdict is in, and the people love it.

No nasty ingredients

Lash Routine is entirely natural and does not contain any Parabens, Ethanol or Synthetic Colouring/Fragrances. We are proudly Vegan and Cruelty Free.

Free from Tap Water

Did you know that 9/10 of Lash Cleansers sold are made with Tap Water? Gross. Our Lash Cleansers are made with High-Grade Distilled Water.

Increases Lash Retention

Cleaning your lashes increases how long they last, and our formula contains zero Oils, Glycol or Glycerin; ingredients often found in make-up and skincare products that weaken retention.

An easier Lash Application

Did you know that the pH levels of your natural lashes can cause retention issues? The surface of our lashes is naturally acidic, however Lash Routine balances those levels allowing seamless attachment to the natural lash.

Fast International Shipping

All orders are sent within 24 hours via Australia Post, excluding Public Holidays and Sundays.

Prevent Lash Mites & Blepharitis

Keeping your lashes clean prevents build-up of sweat, left-over makeup and dirt, whilst shielding away Lash Mites and the chance of Blepharitis. Maintaining hygienic Lash Health is vital.


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