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BEGIN YOUR LASH EMPIRE - Beginner Lash Course

BEGIN YOUR LASH EMPIRE - Beginner Lash Course

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Become a Certified Lash Tech now, and Pay Later with Afterpay!

Do you feel like your current job isn't serving you? Are you ready to choose your own hours and make an unlimited amount of money, by simply chatting and lashing fellow lash babes? Are you sick of planning your life around a roster and receiving an average salary? It's time for you to take this next step, for you and your future.

We will train 1:1 over 2 days. 1:1 training ensures that you are confident in EVERYTHING that we will learn, and allows us to go over anything you may be struggling with as many times as you need without disruptions or delays from other students! I don't believe in a one-day training course, which is why we will use one day to go over Lash Theory & Mannequin Practice, and dedicate the second day to your first full, real-life Application on either your Deluxe Mannequin head or a model provided by yourself, with me right by your side.

You will receive a Premium Deluxe Lash Kit which includes absolutely EVERYTHING you will need to start taking on clients.

TRUST ME when I say that I go above and beyond with what is included, because I never ever want you to feel like you're missing anything! Take a look for yourself:

- A Deluxe Mannequin Head: she is not your regular mannequin! The mannequin I provide you is brand new to the industry, with lashes that actually mimic a human. 

- sets of Practice Strip Lashes. You will NEVER not have lashes to lash.

- 3 Pairs of Tweezers! I want to make sure you are comfortable in the Tweezers you select. I'm all about giving you options on options, baby.

- 2 x Lash Adhesives! A slow-setting Adhesive AND our best-selling Bella Boo adhesive for when you get your speed up.

- 4 x Trays of our signature Loose Handmade Promade Fans valued at $160

- 2 x Classic Trays

- 1 x reusable Adhesive Lash Pad

- Your own 100 Page Training Manual; aka your Lash Bible that you can refer to at any point in your career. We cover EVERY SINGLE TOPIC when it comes to Lash Extensions, including step-by-step guides for everything you need to know.

- A super cute Notepad & Pen so that you are able to take notes on anything that stands out to you.

- A lifetime discount of EVERYTHING Lash Routine

- 1 x Jade Stone

- 1 x Nexcare Sensitive Skin Tape

- 50 x Lash Wands

- 100 x Micro-Swabs

- 50 x  Disposable Lip Wands

- 1 x Cream Remover

Lifetime Support from me! You will never feel like you are in the deep end or are navigating this path alone! I got chu boo.

- 1 x 100ML Lash Cleanser & Lash Brush

- 1 x Pack of Adhesive Nozzle Wipes

- 125 pieces of Disposable Bed Head Sheets 

Your Official Framed Lash Certificate!


Non-Refundable Booking Fee Deposit of $299 is required to secure your spot. If you choose to only pay $299 now, the remaining amount must be paid in full once your training dates have been selected. Failure to do so will forfeit your deposit. If you choose to pay the entire amount in full, the Non-Refundable Booking Fee Deposit of $299 still applies. Once you've made your order, we will reach out to you via Email with training date options for you to select from. We're here to make sure you get a training date that aligns perfectly with your schedule.

If you need to reschedule your training dates, please get in touch ASAP. If over 48 hours notice is given, rescheduling will require a $100 fee. If under 48 hours notice is given, rescheduling will require a $200 fee.

Training will take place in Surfers Paradise:

Class Start Time: 9:30AM
Class Finish Time: 3:00PM - 4:00PM

Now let's turn this dream into your reality, because you deserve freedom. You will get your certificate on Day 2 of training, and be absolutely ready to build your empire.
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